Audio/Video &
Home Theater…

FEI provides a variety of products and services to complete home theater, audio, and video projects of any size for any budget. Some of FEI's offering includes:

System Design
An FEI associate can sit down with you to help decide what's best for you, your home, and your budget and together you can design a system to fit those criteria.

Home Theater
FEI can design, install, and provide equipment for any size home theater.


FEI provides design and installation of distributed audio so that music is available throughout the entire home.

Surround sound systems


FEI provides installation of plasma TVs, LCD TVs, rear projection TVs, and projection components in any room of your home.

Theater Furniture

Sales and installation of home theater furniture to fit any budget.

TV & Component Sales and Installation

Sales and installation of TVs and components for any audio/video need and budget

Structured wiring